Between the Ley-Lines

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In the Outcast faction, a resolute and disciplined unit known as the Freikorps emerges, a stark contrast to the chaotic nature of their surroundings. Led by the steadfast Hannah Lovelace, this group embodies a sense of order and purpose that stands as a beacon of hope amidst the turmoil of their world.

The Freikorps Librarians, with their stern demeanor and unyielding commitment to their cause, serve as the backbone of the Freikorps unit. These individuals are not only skilled in the arts of combat but also possess a wealth of knowledge that they wield as a powerful tool on the battlefield. Their presence reflects a balance between intellectual prowess and martial skill, an embodiment of the Freikorps' unwavering determination.

Hannah Lovelace, a figure of authority and guidance, leads her troops with a sense of duty and honor. Her leadership inspires respect and loyalty among the Freikorps, creating a formidable force that upholds principles of order and justice in the midst of chaos. Together, they forge a narrative of unity and resilience, standing as a testament to the potential for order and discipline to thrive even in the most unpredictable of Environments.


  • Freikorps Librarians x2
  • Hannah Lovelace


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