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Bequest is a clever mix of drafting, set collection, and "I Cut -You Choose" mechanics that require players to use all their skills to outmaneuver their villaneous neighbors and come away with a big chunk of Dr. Schism's Estate!

In each round, each player is dealt a five-card hand to share with their neighbor, which includes some of Dr. Schism´s asset cards. It could be Treasure, Gadgets, the deeds for Hideouts, or even Evidence of his misdeeds! It's up to you how you split the five cards, but split them up wisely as your neighbor will determine who gets which pile! Will you tempt them with the gadget they're collecting in hopes they'll take some evidence with them? Will you offer them four of the five cards and urge them to leave you the one item you really need?

While you wait for them to decide, you have your own choice between the decks of cards shared by your other neighbor. It seems obvious which stack to pick - should you pick the other? Or maybe that's what the sneaky villain wanted all along!

Each asset type has a unique way of earning points and adding new twists as you collect them. There are also Keys that don't give you anything per se, but let you draft one of Dr. Schism’s powerful Special Assets. This includes connections to his minions who can aid you with powerful one-time effects, or blueprints for his elaborate schemes that open up new ways for you to score! But watch out - if you're just minding your neighbors, one of the villains across the table might beat you to the Special Asset you need!

Bequest includes phenomenal illustrations from Fiona Yap, the estate and fortune of Dr. Schism, as well as a colorful cast of villains competing to take their place as his heir. Will you become the next great super villain?


  • 150 Asset Cards
  • 30 Special Cards
  • 6 Character Power Cards
  • 8 Reference Cards
  • 1 Score Pad
  • 6 Splitter Board


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