Belladamma Volga First of the Vyrkos

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Belladamma Volga

Belladamma Volga is the first of the Vyrkos. Aside from the strange legends of the Prime Innerlands, little is known about this wizened matriarch. It is said in Stygxx that to see her once on the horizon, silhouetted by Lunaghast's sinister glow, is an omen of impending disaster; twice announces the death of a lover; and should a mortal see her three times, only the gods can save her from her pursuit. In Dhûmi there is a story about a starving girl who got lost in the forest and met the Volga and was given a bowl of steaming broth. Twice she asked the vampire to help her starving family and twice she was refused. At the third request, Volga magically transformed the girl's kin into drooling wolves and laughed while they feasted on the rest of their village.

Belladamma rides into battle atop the giant wolf Rothabak, who some say was once one of the matriarch's hapless suitors. Running alongside her are lupine companions and packs of drooling dire wolves, all subject to their fierce alpha female. Though Volga is a skilled swordsman, her true talents lie in the arts of sorcery. No Vyrkos has mastered her wild curse as intuitively as she. With just a gesture, she can see a horrifically transformed foe, whose body contorts and whose face lengthens into a snout, while screams of terror turn to bloodthirsty howls. Soon, another wolf roams alongside Volga's nomadic pack, hunting their enemies with thoughtless obedience and fighting over the remnants left behind by the vampire's bloody feasts.

This 27 part plastic kit makes one Belladamma Volga model (including her mount and matching wolf) and is supplied with a Citadel 60mm Round base.


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