Belial, Grand Master of the Deathwing

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Enter the annals of legend and bear witness to the peerless valor of Belial, a towering figure among the revered ranks of the Dark Angels. Renowned as a paragon of the Chapter, Belial's name resounds with countless deeds of heroism and unwavering loyalty. Among his brethren, he stands as a colossus of martial prowess, his skill in combat matched only by his unyielding resolve.

Armed with the revered Sword of Silence and a master-crafted storm bolter, Belial strides fearlessly into the crucible of battle, his every movement a testament to his unmatched skill and indomitable spirit. Whether facing down the hordes of the enemy or leading his fellow warriors into the fray, Belial embodies the epitome of martial excellence and unwavering dedication to the Emperor's cause.

This formidable miniature of Belial offers a choice of two distinctive head options, allowing you to depict him with his hood raised or lowered, each conveying a different aspect of his stoic demeanor. Unlike some of his brethren, Belial does not conceal his face behind a mask, standing resolute and unmasked before the foes of the Imperium, his gaze unwavering and his determination unshakeable.

With Belial at the forefront of your Dark Angels force, your warriors gain an unmatched beacon of leadership and martial prowess, inspiring them to feats of valor and heroism in the face of the gravest threats. As the Sword of Silence cleaves through the ranks of the foe and the master-crafted storm bolter roars with righteous fury, Belial leads the charge, his legend destined to endure throughout the ages.


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