Behind the Trigger

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In the intricate interplay of the Guild and the Bayou, where alliances and rivalries intermingle, the "Family" and "Kin" keywords unveil a captivating ensemble of figures that epitomize the complex web of relationships and connections within this cross-faction collaboration. These characters navigate the dynamic and ever-shifting landscape with an air of unity, camaraderie, and diverse bonds that defines the very essence of their union.

At the forefront of this compelling ensemble stands Perdita Ortega, Neverborn Hunter, a figure that embodies the Family and Kin keywords. With her ability to traverse the boundaries between factions, Perdita epitomizes the alliance's spirit of shared goals and interconnected relationships. Her capacity to forge connections and stand united speaks to the unity, camaraderie, and familial bonds within the alliance.

Beside her are Sly "Six-Shots" and Ophelia LaCroix, Overloaded, figures that complement the Family and Kin keywords' theme of shared connections and collaborative efforts. These characters thrive in the alliance's intricate and ever-shifting dominion, embodying the spirit of mutual support and diverse relationships that characterize the alliance.

Together, Perdita Ortega, Sly "Six-Shots," and Ophelia LaCroix, Overloaded, paint a vivid portrait of the Family and Kin keywords within the alliance's interconnected dominion. In their presence, the boundaries between factions and relationships blur, and the spirit of shared goals, camaraderie, and diverse bonds thrives. As you navigate the intricate and ever-changing landscape of this unique union, be prepared to encounter figures that embody the essence of Family and Kin – characters that bring unity, collaboration, and diverse connections to the forefront, mirroring the very heart of the alliance's interconnected and familial world.


  • Perdita Ortega, Neverborn Hunter
  • Sly "Six-Shots"
  • Ophelia LaCroix, Overloaded


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