Bayou Fate Deck

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In the heart of the intricate and immersive world of Malifaux, the game's mechanics weave a tapestry of fate using cards, not dice. The beautifully illustrated pack, aptly named the Fate Deck, embodies the essence of the game. Crafted from durable plastic, these cards bear the signature suits of Malifaux, each one a portal to destiny's whims. To engage in this dance of fate, two Fate Decks are required, one for each player. With every shuffle and draw, players manipulate the threads of destiny itself, navigating the enigmatic currents of Malifaux's intricate narrative.

Eastward from the bustling heart of Malifaux City, a different landscape emerges—the Bayou. This vast expanse of swamp stretches across open marshes, flooded wetlands, and sprawling pig farms. Beneath the sprawling branches and amidst the murky waters, a mischievous society of Gremlins has woven its existence. Mimicking elements of humanity's oddities and traditions, they engage in peculiar pursuits like brewing potent moonshine, wielding firearms, and generally wreaking gleeful havoc upon society.

In the Bayou's unpredictable embrace, a cobbled-together world thrives—a chaotic mirror of human society. It's a realm where laughter mingles with chaos, and every corner echoes with the wild spirit of the Gremlins' whims. The denizens of this realm, with their raucous laughter and unconventional ways, become a force that defies expectations and upends norms. Their antics and misadventures are fueled by an unapologetic desire to keep the Bayou as unpredictable as their own hearts.

In this realm of irreverent eccentricity, the Gremlins stand as a living testament to the Bayou's spirit. They may be a lethal nuisance to the wider world, but within the swamp's embrace, they thrive, becoming an embodiment of the Bayou's chaotic essence. With each oink and giggle, with each swig of moonshine and blast of gunfire, they weave a tapestry of disorder and mirth, ensuring that the Bayou remains a haven of unpredictable whimsy in the heart of Malifaux's enigmatic landscape.

  • Material: Cards
  • Game System:
  • Language: English
  • Malifaux Faction: Bayou

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