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Ork Battlewagon

A battlewagon is a collective term used for any type of Ork assault tank and heavy armored personnel carrier. The term Battlewagon seems to refer overall to a category of large Ork armored vehicles. A Battlewagon can be wheeled, tracked, or a combination of both, and is used in many roles on the battlefield. It always carries a wide variety of weapons.

Sometimes these weapons are just big shootas, while other vehicles are big kill cannons. Battlewagons have thick armor plates, multiple turrets, and death rollers or rams. They also carry hordes of Ork Boyz, either internally or clinging to their many hilts.

Ork Battlewagons rumble to war on an assemblage of tracks, tires and massive spiked rollers. From lumbering cannon bastions to bright red speedsters to bright rust buckets daubed in Orc glyphs, Battlewagons are massive slabs of motorized scrap built to carry vast hordes of greenskins into battle. Regardless of the individual characteristics of a Battlewagon, all fulfill the essential role of an armored assault vehicle for Ork forces.

A solid wedge from these powerful vehicles can bestow a warband with a (somewhat rusty) armored fist that can be driven into the enemy's throat. With Gunz roaring and Deff Rollas covered in mud and blood, Orc Battle Wagons carve a path of gory doom through the enemy while their Orc passengers fire "WAAAGH!" at the dazed survivors. at the top of her lungs.


Ork Battlewagons are as diverse in construction and weaponry as the greenskins they create. A Battlewagon always has a heavy chassis, sometimes salvaged by other suitable vehicles such as the Empire's tanks or heavy armored transports. Others will be custom built vehicles created from scratch by an Ork Mek and his assistants.

Like other Ork vehicles, a Battlewagon will continue to be customized and grow into a larger and larger machine as its owners add more weapons, additional battle scaffolding, and new engines until a Battlewagon has grown into a true Battle Fortress. A Battle Fortress is a massive battlewagon upgraded to the size and armament of an Imperial Guard super-heavy tank. Such vehicles are favored mounts for the most powerful Orc war bosses.

There is no standard chariot, and there are many named subtypes among Ork forces. Titles such as Lungbursta, Gobsmasha, Krusha, Bonecruncha, Gorespeeda, and Dakkawagon are used by the Orcs to describe the specific role of each Customized Battlewagon. The Lungbursta and the Gobsmasha are armed with large, noisy cannons, while the Krusha is equipped with a spiked Deathrolla on the front and penetrates the enemy's heart and rolls over enemy infantry. A popular vehicle with Speed ??Freeks and Evil Sunz, the Gorespeeda maximizes its transport capacity to get hordes of Boyz into the thick of battle.

A Battlewagon armed with a Supa Cannon sacrifices all of its other weapons to mount this massive artillery piece. Most of the time, this weapon is nothing more sophisticated than a looted Imperial Earthshaker cannon. Among the Orc clan, the Goffs and Evil Sunz dislike the idea of ??artillery and rarely use a supa cannon, preferring weapons that allow them to engage more directly in combat. For their part, the Bad Moons, Blood Axes, and Deathskulls greatly relish the sheer power of artillery pieces and are known for unleashing the power of a Supa Cannon upon the enemy.

Some Meks customize a Battlewagon chassis to carry a large lifta droppa. In addition to its use for moving heavy machinery, demolishing buildings, and clearing debris, the Lifta-Droppa uses unknown tractor beam technology to pick up and move objects around with antigravity ease. Battlewagons equipped with a lifta-droppa are known as liftwagons. The Lifta-Droppa is powered by an "Atom-Smasha" reactor, which Meks will happily overload, often with spectacular and deadly results.


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