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The Sylvaneth, children of the goddess of life Alarielle, are mysterious and enraptured. These forest spirits have long dwelt in the groves of the Mortal Realms, protecting places of power from evil invaders and the corrupting influences of Chaos. Now that the effects of the Everqueen's Rite of Life are being felt across the cosmos, the Sylvaneth are once again on the offensive. With life magic, enchanted blade and wooden claw, they will ensure that the power of their deity's great ritual flourishes in all lands.

This book contains everything you need to know to guide Alarielle's budding children to victory in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar and discover their place in the Mortal Realms. Discover the long history of these immortal guardians of Ghyran, explore the complex ecosystem through which these forest folk are guided, and learn about the enigmatic glades that wage war in the name of life itself.

This 104-page hardcover book contains:

  • A thicket of background information about the Sylvaneth, including their history, notable traditions, and legendary figures like Drycha Hamadreth and Alarielle the Everqueen
  • A truckload of illustrations showing the life force of the Sylvaneth
  • 25 warscrolls and pitched battle profiles for the spirits of Ghyran, from the swift Silkwing Archers to the semi-divine Mistress of Vines
  • Rules for the 7 major Glades of Sylvaneth and their 4 Seasons of War, as well as General Traits, Artifacts of Power, Lore of Magic, and Combat Traits such as Places of Power and Blessings of Growth
  • Rules for Path to Glory campaigns, allowing you to grow your Wildgrove into a mighty forest, and five Battalion Scrolls for use in narrative Play
  • Matched play content including 3 strategic projects and 5 tactical projects as well as a basic battalion focused on treelords
  • A gallery of stunning Sylvaneth miniatures in all the natural colors of their glades, along with painting guides so you can paint them yourself


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