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The Sons of Behemat stomp into the latest edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar with their glorious new Battletome. It's packed with the destructive story of Behemat's descendants - the Gargants - as well as new and updated warscrolls, field battle profiles, and new Path to Glory rules.

This essential book contains everything you need to know to lead your own stomp ian games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. You will learn the fascinating history of the Gargant people, dating back to the Age of Myth, the tragic legend of Behemat's end and how the Era of the Beast and the rise of King Brodd changed it.

This 96-page hardcover book contains:

  • A wealth of background information on Behemat's Sons, including their ancient history, their savage relationships with lesser races and legendary figures like King Brodd
  • Epic artwork showing the size and destructive potential of a roving band of Gargants
  • 8 (really big) warscrolls and Pitched Battle profiles including the Beastsmash Megagargant and the Priestly King Brodd
  • Rules for 4 different tribes as well as general traits, artefacts of power, combat traits and three new monstrous outbursts exclusively for megagargants
  • "Path of Glory" campaign rules to roam freely through the Mortal Realms, complete with unique rule systems and a new battle plan for use in narrative Play
  • Mercenary rules to add Megagargants to other armies
  • A gallery showcasing the myriad of details and options available on Behemat's Sons models, along with painting guides to inspire your own projects

This Book of War contains a one-time use code to add the book to your digital library in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: The App.


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