Battletome Fyreslayers

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This 96-page hardback book contains:

  • background information on the Sons of Grimnir
  • Incendiary art that shows off the battle-fury of the Fyresayers in all its glory
  • 21 warscrolls and pitched battle profiles for every warrior of the Lodges
  • Rules for 4 different Fyreslayer Lodges, plus
    • command traits
    • artefacts of power
    • prayers, a
    • nd battle traits like Grimwrath Oaths and Ur-gold Runes
  • Path to Glory rules that allow you to take on Fyreslayer mercenary contracts to earn gold and reputation
  • Matched play content including 4 grand strategies and 6 battle tactics to unleash against your enemies
  • A showcase of Fyreslayer miniatures assembled in the colours of the various Lodges, with guides on how to paint them yourself


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