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Behold, the Battletome: Blades of Khorne! Within its pages lie the secrets of the mighty followers of the Blood God. These fierce warriors are driven by a singular purpose: to offer up skulls to Khorne by slaughtering those they deem weak or foolish.

With this updated tome, the followers of Khorne will have access to new warscrolls, pitched battle profiles, and Path to Glory rules. But these additions are not mere enhancements - they are the keys to unleashing unprecedented levels of bloodshed on the battlefield.

The Blades of Khorne are not just mindless killers, however. They are also strategic and cunning, using their wits to outmaneuver their foes before delivering the final, deadly blow. And with the new rules and profiles at their disposal, they will be even more deadly than before.

But be warned - the followers of Khorne are not to be trifled with. Their devotion to their patron is unyielding, and their thirst for blood unquenchable. So if you dare to face them on the field of battle, prepare for a fight like no other. And remember - there can be no victory without sacrifice.


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