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A Battlesmith is the living memory of the Fyreslayers, a celebrated artist entrusted with the honor of forging and carrying his lodge's standard. A lodge is known for its reputation and deeds, and every hard-fought victory does its name credit. Standing proudly in the front ranks, Battlesmiths watch every moment of the war for later reference. Each Battlesmith is not only a chronicler, but a mighty warrior himself - not only does he hold the sacred icon of Grimnir, but he defends it at all costs. Their skills with Fyresteel Throwing Axes are amazing, and with their Ancestral Battle-Axe they slaughter any enemy that gets too close.

This multi-part plastic kit contains a one-pos Battlesmith, recorder and reciter of the feats of the Fyreslayer lodge. Armed with an Ancestral Battle-axe and Fyresteel Throwing Axes, he holds the Icon of Grimnir aloft, providing an inspiring presence to the other Fyreslayers in the field. He bears many runes of ur-gold hammered into his flesh and with his ornate dragon helm and double mohican he is a formidable presence. The miniature comes in eleven components, and is supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round Base.


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