Battlemage on Griffon

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Battlemages are strange beings wielding awesome magical powers and privy to secrets hidden from the common folk. Battlecasters learn to harness one of the Winds of Magic for their will. They devote many long years, sometimes decades, to the study of arcane tomes and mystical scrolls, but only a fool would mistake their frail, learned appearance for weakness. Battle mages can hurl fire and lightning bolts at their foes, confusing them with terrifying illusions, or snuffing out their life force like a man blowing out a candle. It is indeed a rare army to go to war without at least one Battlemage.

Some of these battle mages ride into battle on the back of a mighty gryphon.

Griffons are fearsome beasts that have combined the heads of raptors with lion-like bodies and massive feathered wings. Their beaks are hooked and can easily sever a man's limbs. They keep their claws, which are reminiscent of hawk claws, sharp by regularly scratching against stone.

Although griffons are large and monstrous creatures, they have a reputation for being noble beasts. This is partly due to their proud and majestic demeanor - Griffons are not hungry and frenetic like Manticores. Instead, a Griffon strikes with quick and precise grace, its movement balanced and controlled. Yet that elegance in no way undermines its lethality, for a griffon is more than capable of using its claws and razor-sharp beak to tear an enemy to pieces. Experienced and efficient fighters, Griffons do not kill indiscriminately, although they show no restraint when hunting or protecting their territory. They are wild and merciless, but never cruel.


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