Battlefields & Basing: Wild Meadow 2mm Static Grass (180ml)

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Introducing Wild Meadow 2mm Static Grass from the Battlefields and Basing range by War World Scenics. Designed to elevate your miniature gaming experience, this versatile collection offers an ideal solution for adding vibrancy, texture, and a touch of natural beauty to your tabletop landscapes and bases.

Wild Meadow 2mm Static Grass brings the picturesque charm of untamed meadows and lush grasslands to your gaming table, allowing you to create verdant landscapes teeming with life and color. Whether you're depicting idyllic countryside scenes or verdant forest clearings, this premium static grass adds depth and realism to your gaming environment.

Simple to apply and customize, Wild Meadow 2mm Static Grass empowers you to effortlessly enhance the appearance of your gaming scenes. Spread it across your battlefield or scatter it strategically on your miniatures' bases to achieve captivating and lifelike effects that capture the essence of nature's beauty.

With Wild Meadow 2mm Static Grass from War World Scenics, you'll transform your tabletop into a dynamic and immersive world where every detail contributes to the richness of your gaming experience. Explore the Battlefields and Basing range and unleash your creativity on the battlefield with unparalleled realism and visual Appeal.

  • Basing Materials: Gras
  • Content: 180,00 ml

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