Batman Miniature Game: The Penguin Underworld King

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Batman Miniature Game: The Penguin Underworld King

Experience the power and influence of The Penguin in the Batman Miniature Game with The Penguin Underworld King set. This high-quality miniature set is meticulously designed and ready for you to paint and assemble.

Immerse yourself in the world of Gotham City's underworld as you take on the role of The Penguin, the infamous crime lord. Lead your criminal empire, make strategic moves, and outwit your rivals to solidify your control over the city's criminal activities.

With The Penguin Underworld King set, you can recreate epic battles and thrilling scenarios in the Batman Miniature Game. The set includes highly detailed miniatures that capture the iconic appearance of The Penguin and his loyal henchmen.

Paint and assemble The Penguin and his underworld crew to bring them to life on the tabletop. Use the included character cards to explore their unique abilities and strategies, and unleash their full potential in the game.

Whether you're a fan of The Penguin or enjoy playing as cunning and resourceful villains, The Penguin Underworld King set is a must-have addition to your Batman Miniature Game collection. Paint, assemble, and conquer the underworld of Gotham City!


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