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In the ever-expanding tapestry of Malifaux, where the boundaries between reality and the arcane blur, the Guild stands firm as a bastion of order and control. Within its ranks, the Explorer’s Society emerges as a beacon of innovation and determination. Carrying the resolute spirit of pioneers, they venture into the unknown, seeking to unravel the secrets of this twisted realm and harness its unearthly power.

A figure of unyielding charisma and steely resolve, Cornelius Basse leads the charge for the Explorer’s Society within Malifaux. With his sharp mind and indomitable will, he fuses the Guild's authority with the Society's relentless curiosity. His well-worn duster flaps in the wind as he strides through the untamed wilderness, his gaze fixed on horizons unseen. Beside Cornelius stands Bernadette Basse, a woman of brilliance and mystery. Possessing an uncanny understanding of the Soulstones' arcane nature, she harnesses their energies to weave protective wards and unleash devastating attacks. Her enigmatic air conceals a depth of knowledge that belies her youthful appearance, and her loyalty to her family and the Society is unwavering.

A master of survival in the most inhospitable realms, Jonathan Reichart embodies the very essence of the Frontier keyword. His years spent charting uncharted territories have honed his senses to a razor's edge, making him an unparalleled tracker and scout. Armed with his trusty rifle, he strikes from shadows, defending the expedition with deadly precision.

Three Frontiersmen, each with their own stories etched onto weathered faces, stand ready to answer the call. These hardy souls are the backbone of the Explorer’s Society, skilled in both combat and exploration. Armed with rifles and clad in rugged attire, they are a testament to the resilience required to thrive in the wilds of Malifaux.

The Guild's Explorer’s Society, epitomized by these intrepid individuals, weaves a narrative of adventure and discovery amidst the treacherous lands of Malifaux. They embody the essence of the Frontier keyword, daring to tread where others falter, determined to unravel the enigmas hidden within the twisted mirror of an alternate Earth. In their unity lies the promise of unveiling the secrets that lie beneath the surface of this dark realm and harnessing its power for the good of all... or so they hope.


  • Cornelius Basse
  • Bernadette Basse
  • Jonathan Reichart
  • 3 Frontiersmen


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