Basing Bits - Alien Infestation

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This set is carefully designed to simulate slippery floors littered with oozing alien slime, twisted vines and broken wires. Small alien eggs and unpredictable creatures populate this menacing environment. The remains of a once-human crew serve as a chilling reminder of the horrors that have occurred in this world.

The Basing Bits - Alien Infestation offer countless ways to immerse your miniatures in a world of terror and horror. They add a realistic touch to your bases and terrain pieces, bringing them to life. The fragmented pieces tell a story of a once proud garrison that now serves only as a testament to its demise.

Create scenarios with the Basing Bits - Alien Infestation set that immerse the viewer in a world of the uncanny and unexplainable. Let your miniatures experience the horror of an infested spaceship wreck and take up the fight for survival against the unpredictable alien creatures.

This blister contains an assorted mix of thermoplastic Basing Bits. All Basing Bits are sold unpainted.


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