Basilean Ambush Starter Set

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For centuries, Basilea has stood as the ultimate stronghold of humanity, a beacon of power, knowledge, and tradition in the realm of Pannithor. Rooted in the legacy of Primovantor, whose ancient civilization cast a long shadow over the land, Basilea sees itself as the rightful guardian of its founder's heritage.

Defined by its conservative nature and steadfast adherence to ritual, Basilea remains a bastion of tradition, preserving the ancient glories of its storied past. Its cities stand as monuments to human achievement, towering symbols of prosperity and progress. Its princes wield wealth beyond measure, their coffers overflowing with riches amassed over generations. And its mages command powers beyond comprehension, their mastery of magic unrivaled by any other kingdom of Men.

But beneath its outward grandeur lies a deep-seated conviction: Basilea is more than just a kingdom - it is the sole protector of Primovantor's legacy. From the halls of power to the streets of its bustling cities, this belief permeates every aspect of Basilean society, driving its people to defend their heritage at any cost.

In a world fraught with turmoil and uncertainty, Basilea remains a steadfast bastion of stability and strength. Its legacy is not just a matter of pride - it is a solemn duty, passed down from generation to generation. And as long as Basilea endures, so too will the spirit of Primovantor, shining bright as a beacon of hope in the Darkness.


  • 40 x Hard Plastic Basilean Swordsmen/Spearmen/Crosssbowmen
  • 1 x MDF 100x80mm Base
  • 2 x MDF 100x40mm Base
  • 1 x Basilean Ambush Sheet
  • 1 x Ambush Rulebook

Supplied unpainted and unassembled.


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