Basalt Pillars

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Enhance your miniature gaming terrain with the stunning Basalt Pillars from Alien Lab! This blister pack includes seven expertly casted resin pieces that add a touch of natural beauty to any gaming environment.

Each Basalt Pillar is crafted with exceptional detail, capturing the natural texture and unique shape of real basalt rock formations. The high-quality resin material ensures that every detail is captured, from the rough, jagged edges to the smooth, polished surfaces. The result is a set of pillars that is as beautiful as it is realistic.

Whether you are building an epic fantasy world or a modern urban battleground, the Basalt Pillars add depth and dimension to your miniature gaming terrain. Arrange them in various formations to create a rugged, rocky landscape, or place them individually to highlight key areas of interest.

With seven resin pieces included in each blister pack, the Basalt Pillars are a versatile and affordable addition to any gaming terrain collection. They are easy to paint and modify, making them a favorite among miniature enthusiasts and tabletop gamers.

So why settle for ordinary, uninspired gaming terrain when you can elevate your game with the stunning Basalt Pillars from Alien Lab? Each blister pack contains seven resin pieces that are sure to add a touch of natural beauty and excitement to your miniature gaming world.


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