Barren Ground

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Barren Ground contains a collection of five different-sized tan Rocks, two Fallen Tree Trunks, a Stump, and two area Templates. Together on the templates, these pieces can be used to represent an area of rocky and uneven ground that is "difficult" to cross. Or the pieces can be scattered across the table separately, providing cover and hiding places for your models.

Two tall rocks can easily conceal a normal-sized humanoid model. The two medium rocks can provide plenty of cover and act as a natural barrier shielding your models from harm. The small rock can also provide a reasonable amount of cover or conceal a hidden objective. Both of the fallen trees serve as natural barriers or obstacles; they can also mark the edges of a path or dangerous area.

The included templates are made from thin double-sided neoprene. One side depict an area of rocky ground while the other depicts a set of over-grown flagstones representing the site of an ancient ruin. If your game doesn’t require you to use a template, they still look fantastic on the mat as patches of bare earth or flagstone.

The rocks, fallen trunks, and stump are made from durable plastic and come pre-painted, ready to go right out of the box.

Barren Ground Contains:

  • 2 Large Rocks
  • 2 Medium Rocks
  • 1 Small Rock
  • 2 Fallen Tree Trunks
  • 1 Tree Stump
  • 2 Double-side Area Templates

Setting: Natur
Geländeart: Natur / Berge
Material: Resin
Spielsystem: 40k AoS Star Wars Legion

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