Bakunin Expansion Pack Alpha

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Bakunin Observance - Building New Societies

Rather than advocating for uprisings, anti-establishment and counter-culture groups sought a different path. They yearned for a place where they could escape the constraints of society and build new communities based on their own ideological frameworks. Bakunin emerged as the answer—a place where their ideas could flourish without external interference.

This box offers three miniatures that embody the spirit of Bakunin Observance. Included are: 1 Initiated Observant Hacker with a Boarding Shotgun, 1 Initiated Observant with a Boarding Shotgun, and 1 Orphan of the Observance armed with a MULTI Marksman Rifle. These miniatures expand your options when creating an Army List and seamlessly continue the Bakunin collection you started with the Bakunin Observance Action Pack (Ref: 281522-0995).

With this box, you can further develop your Bakunin forces, diversify your strategies, and strengthen your overall tactical capabilities. The Initiated Observants bring their expertise and firepower to the battlefield, while the Observant Hacker adds a digital edge to your operations. The Orphan of the Observance, equipped with the powerful MULTI Marksman Rifle, becomes a formidable long-range threat.

Embrace the spirit of Bakunin and continue building your new societies with the Bakunin Observance collection. Expand your forces and forge your path in a world free from external interference.


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