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This box set contains two miniatures: an avatar, the fearsome EI TAG, and the Staldron Remote Ancillary Unit, the Avatar Remote Pilot.

An avatar is the ultimate war machine devised by the primal rationalists. A BattleMaster of unadulterated voodoo technology, qualified to bring an aspect of EI directly to the front lines of battle. With this weapons platform, the alien intellect can monitor its troops first hand on the battlefield and shape the fate of the Combined Army with its own claws. Each avatar is equipped with autonomous systems and semi-intelligent weapons that are always looking for targets. This makes the massive TAG resemble a predator on the hunt, even when it's in stand-by mode and disconnected from the EI.

Videos captured on the battlefield show them with blurred outlines walking back and forth around their actual location. This is caused by their optical disruptor technology. Their armor plates flicker beneath multiple layers of defensive, gravity, and suppression fields, and their only signal footprint is a series of target acquisition and tactical tracking beams. Mystifying technologies twist and churn local space around these armored behemoths. They are a heavily armed anomaly made even more terrifying by the way they charge at you at full speed. From what is heard, an avatar doesn't need to move at all to hunt, but it seems the EI enjoys pushing the limits of these machines and outrunning their opponents. These machines are really death incarnate.


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