Auxilia Box (4)

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Auxilia Box (4)

“Tutor et Ultor” (Protector and Avenger) Regimental motto of the Neoterran Auxilia

The Auxilia is the name given to the light infantry regiments of Neoterra, stationed in the garrisons of the panoceanian capital, “the heart of the Human Sphere”. As well as being an all-purpose military unit, the Auxilia carries out an Internal Security role.

It’s sphere of action includes the leadership, control, supervision and execution of a multitude of defensive and protective activities, and it’s mandate includes the use of deadly force in the protection and recovery of personnel, equipment and resources. Able to operate under all types of campaign conditions, the Auxilia protects convoys, patrols, carries out tactical exercises and military operations whether of conventional or asymmetrical (anti-terrorist) type. Essentially, the Auxilia is the key unit in the defense of the panoceanian capital, and for this reason enjoys the direct patronage of the High Command, enjoying special access to high tech equipment. Every member of the group is supplied with and Auxbot linked to his Ghost. This small Remote acts like a linking device and anti-intrusion detector, as well as being a mobile armament platform. So the infantry regiments of Neoterra display a confidence and professionalism that stems from the knowledge that they are supported by the best and most advanced technology, just in the most authentic panoceanian style.

Infinity Auswahl: Pan Oceania

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