Autarch of the Aeldari

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Aeldari Autarch

An Autarch is one of the few Craftworld Aeldari who have mastered many of the Asuryani paths over the centuries, including one or more facets of the warrior's path. Possessing a consummate understanding of the art of war, they serve as the supreme commanders, strategists, and generals of the warhosts of an Asuryani craftworld.

This Asuryani path, known as the Path of Command or Path of the Leader, is walked by highly skilled individuals who believe that martial excellence can be achieved by gaining a broader perspective of combat that enables the Eldar warhost to achieve victory to obtain in the most efficient and deadly way possible.

Autarchs do not, like most Asuryani, limit themselves to the single-minded specifications required for a single path. The Autarch possesses an unparalleled strategic ability that far transcends an Exarch's obsession with a single facet of war. This allows an Autarch to lead a Craftworld warhost in perfect unison, with every component of the Asuryani war machine functioning in perfect sync.

Not only does an Autarch excel at command, for they are also an accomplished warrior, often leading charges, engaging the leader of an enemy army in personal combat, or scornfully destroying war machines with ease. Autarchs are considered an integral part of Asuryani culture due to their versatility and ability to guide the Asuryani on the myriad paths of life and death.

An Autarch's insight into every element of the Asuryani Warhost gives him an unparalleled strategic ability that an Exarch obsessed with some facet of Khaine's bloody craft could never match. When a Craftworld Aeldari army is led by an Autarch and directed by their Farseer Advisors, it functions like a sophisticated machine, each component working perfectly with the others to form an irresistible fighting force.

However, the Autarch excels not only as a commander and general. When belligerence grips him, he will use the skills honed in the Aspect Shrines to lead attacks, duel the enemy's chiefs, and destroy their war machines with contemptible ease. Leading their warhost from the front, many Autarchs charge into the fray, changing the tide of conflict with each well-placed kill.


This kit builds an Autarch that can be customized with a wide range of options - allowing you to build your own Aeldari leader according to the Aspect warrior paths he has mastered. Choose between a Starglaive and Scorpion Chainsword for melee combat, and blast your foes away with a Shuriken Pistol, Death Spinner, Reaper Launcher, or Dragon Fusion Cannon, and arm your choice with a Howling Banshee Mask and Warp Spider- jump generator off. Other customization options include alternate heads, a choice of torsos, and a backpack-mounted banner. This miniature is also fully compatible with components from the Winged Autarch kit, allowing for even more combinations.

This set comes as 19 plastic components, and is supplied with 1 Citadel 32mm Round Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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