Australian Army Weapons Teams (Far East)

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In Bolt Action, infantry weapons teams play a pivotal role, offering a wealth of tactical flexibility for your army and challenging opponents with a diverse set of capabilities. Among the most common teams are sniper teams, light mortar teams, and flamethrower teams, each providing a unique tactical advantage on the battlefield.

Australian snipers, despite their lack of specialized equipment and even scopes in some cases, proved to be highly effective. Many of these sharpshooters had civilian backgrounds as professional hunters, which translated into their exceptional marksmanship skills.

During the early campaigns, platoons that had previously served in desert environments retained their 2-inch mortars. However, these mortars were found to be less effective in the new jungle terrain due to the thick canopy causing premature bursts in the air.

In response, the re-equipped Jungle Divisions, starting in 1944, were issued a limited number of US-made man-portable flamethrowers. These flamethrowers became a devastating tool for clearing Japanese bunkers and fortifications, underscoring the adaptability and effectiveness of infantry weapons teams in Bolt Action.


  • three Bolt Action Order Dice
  • 2-man Light Mortar Team
  • 2-man Sniper team
  • 2-man Flamethrower team

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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