Attack at the Weathertop

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The Weathertop Skirmish was a minor conflict that occurred on the night of October 6 TA 3018 on Weathertop between five Nazgûl and Aragorn with the four hobbits. This resulted in Frodo being stabbed by a Morgul knife and the Nazgûl being driven out.

At the sight of the Nazgûl, the hobbits froze in shock, Merry and Pippin threw themselves and Sam stayed close to Frodo. Despite Gandalf's warning not to use the ring, Frodo was forced to don it and drew his barrow blade. The Witch-king lunged at Frodo and pierced his shoulder with a Morgul knife, though Frodo caught the Witch-king's foot in the process.

At that moment, Aragorn returned and fought the Nazgûl. Frodo fainted soon after, but removed the ring before completely losing consciousness. Aragorn was able to drive off the rest of the Nazgûl, but Frodo had sustained a wound that would haunt him for years to come.


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