Atlas Assault Tank - Undivided Pattern Armour

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In the hallowed halls of the Imperium, there exists a somber truth veiled by the shadow of betrayal. For even the most blessed vehicles, forged to champion the sacred cause of the holy Emperor, are not immune to the insidious influence of the Dark Powers. It is a lamentable reality that traitorous Space Legions, steeped in corruption and malice, often infuse glorious tanks like the Atlas Assault with the vile essence of the daemonic.

Among the annals of history, Undivided echoes as a chilling testament to the depths of depravity that can consume the souls of men. Once revered as the beloved son of the mighty Emperor himself, the Warmaster of this Legion embarked upon a path shrouded in darkness and treachery. In a tragic turn of fate, he became the harbinger of betrayal, leading his brethren astray and turning their backs on the sacred oath they once swore to uphold.

This set contains one Undivided Pattern Armour for Atlas Assault Tank.

The product design fits 28 mm scale wargames. This set is supplied unpainted and requires assembly. Cast from the highest quality resin. Our products are intended for experienced modelers and may require trimming, bending, and fitting. We recommend washing all resin parts before assembly (tap water with mild detergent) and using Kromlech Superglue or other cyanoacrylate adhesives.


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