Astra Militarum Scout Sentinel

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The Scout Sentinels emerge from the ruins of a cratered landscape, their piston-powered legs hissing. Very fast and agile for a runner of this size, these machines can conquer even the most rugged terrain with a skilled pilot. The Neophyte Hybrids that pilot these runners peer through the gloom with unnatural intensity, honing their aiming skills and advancing with the patience of true hunters until they reach the perfect spot to launch their mechanized ambush. Suddenly, in a storm of light and noise, their trap snaps shut, and their unsuspecting enemies fall by the dozen.

This multi-part plastic kit contains one Sentinel. This 59-piece set contains all of the components necessary to build either an Armored Sentinel or a Scout Sentinel, and includes two Cadian and two Catachan pilot heads. Also included are all of the weapon variants a Sentinel can have: a multilaser, heavy flamethrower, autocannon, lascannon, plasma cannon, and rocket launcher. The model is supplied with a Citadel 60mm Round base.

The Sentinel in the image above has been modified with the icons from the Genestealer Cults upgrade frame included with the Neophyte Hybrid Squad.


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