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The Chimera is the Astra Militarum's most commonly used armored personnel carrier (APC). Extremely durable and practical, these almost ubiquitous vehicles can mount a wide range of support weapons. Within the Chimera's armored borders, a squad of Imperial Guard infantry can use the vehicle's hull-mounted weapons to unleash a deadly wave of firepower at an enemy who in turn is protected from all but the heaviest weapons.

Chimeras are also a powerful symbol of the Imperial Guard's might and are equipped with a range of equipment, including searchlights to locate the enemy and massive bulldozer blades to clear any obstacles in the path of the heavier main battle tanks stand in the way of the Imperial Guard. With scanners and comm vox, Chimeras are also convenient mobile bases of operations from which Imperial Guard officers can efficiently direct their forces.

Squads of Imperial Guardsmen mounted on Chimeras are usually referred to as "Armored Fist" Mechanized Infantry units. These squads bring speed and tactical flexibility to the otherwise often slow and rigid formations of the Astra Militarum. An Astra Militarum infantry regiment does not typically include mechanized elements, as most Imperial planetary governors find it difficult to obtain and then maintain the vehicles required for such units from the Adeptus Mechanicus. Because of this reality, it is quite common for Imperial Guard commanders to use Armored Fist squads from other fully mechanized regiments to provide fast armored transports for non-mechanized infantry units.


The most common variant of the Chimera armored personnel carrier, the Mars Pattern is armed with a turret-mounted multi-laser, a hull-mounted heavy bolter and six lasguns controlled by the tank's passengers. Another common variant of the Chimera mounts a turret-mounted and sometimes hull-mounted heavy flamethrower, or a turret-mounted heavy bolter, allowing the Chimera to provide close-fire support to infantry in dense terrain.

The forge world of Gryphonne IV produces its own unique variant armed with a turret-mounted, two-barreled heavy bolter, and while not very effective against enemy armor, it is capable of putting down a hail of explosive bolts that oppose tightly packed enemies are extremely effective infantry, like the forces commonly employed by the Tyranids and the Orcs.

Chimeras can also be equipped with an autocannon, allowing them to be used as light anti-vehicle tanks. Another variant, derived from STC data discovered by Imperial Guard forces on the world of Kronus during the Dark Crusade, allows for the construction of a Chimera pattern known as the Kronus Pattern and the standard Chimera Tower replaced with one resembling the Space Marines' Predator tank turret, including its autocannon.

This set contains one multi-part plastic Imperial Guard Chimera. This 95-piece set contains a range of mounting options to customize your miniature, including: a turret-mounted multilaser, a turret-mounted heavy flamer, a turret-mounted heavy bolter, a hull-mounted heavy flamer, a hull-mounted heavy bolter, a hunter-killer missile, and two different tank commanders.

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Super Preis!
Die Chimäre ist mMn ein Must-Have der mperialen Armee!
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Gutes Gesamtpaket. Netter Kontakt, flexibler Service und trotz des Hinweises muss erst bestellt werde schnelle Lieferung (ca. eine Woche). Klasse! Auch an de Verpackung ist nichts aus zu setzten, solide Arbeit und Versand via DHL.

Ware GW typisch und originalverpackt. Wie aus dem GW-Shop nur eben preiswert, statt mondpreis.

Ab sofort ist Kutami meine erste Bezugsquelle.

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Sehr Zufieden
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Gewohnte GW Qualität, zu einem günstigeren Preis, mit sicherem Versand (selbst ins Ausland) und exzellentem Service!

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