Asmodai, Master of Repentance

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Enter the fray with unyielding determination alongside Asmodai, the Master of Repentance, as he leads the ceaseless hunt for the Fallen with unparalleled fervor. As the esteemed chief Interrogator-Chaplain of the Dark Angels, Asmodai stands as a paragon of zeal and relentless pursuit of justice. With his mastery in extracting confessions and his ability to inspire his fellow battle brothers with his impassioned litanies of hate, he strikes fear into the hearts of traitors and instills unwavering resolve in the loyal.

This formidable miniature offers the choice of two distinct head options, allowing you to depict Asmodai with his hood raised or lowered, each conveying a different aspect of his indomitable character. Whether cloaked in shadow or bearing his countenance with grim determination, Asmodai embodies the unyielding spirit of the Dark Angels as they relentlessly pursue their eternal quest for redemption and vengeance against the Fallen.


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