Ashrâk & Drûzhag, Goblin Shamans of Moria

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Ashrâk was once bitten by a Venomous Back Spider and his comrades abandoned him as no goblin had ever survived such a venomous bite. But Ashrâk did not die. Instead, the poison permeated his blood. Some say it made him much more powerful and connected to spiders, and there are even rumors that he has the ability to hide his spider spawn in the shadows.

After being banished from Moria years ago, Drûzhag became a vicious and ferocious creature in order to survive. Most goblins would have died in the wild, but Drûzhag thrived, bending the spirit of the beasts of the Misty Mountains to his will. Exactly how he accomplished this awe-inspiring feat will never be known, for it is a secret he keeps well, and on those who interfere in the beastmaster's affairs he often sets those under his control.

This set contains two notable goblin heroes that can be used in Moria armies. Ashrâk can empower his giant spiders with dark magic, while Drûzhag allows you to add a variety of tamed beasts to your army. The kit consists of a resin Ashrâk and two metal components with which to build a Drûzhag, and is supplied with 2x Citadel 25mm Round bases. Rules for these miniatures can be found in Armies from The Lord of the Rings™.


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