Ashlands 4X6'

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Step into the desolate and unforgiving world of the ash wastes, where the remnants of civilization lie buried beneath layers of ash and debris. In this apocalyptic landscape, the air is thick with smoke, the ground is scorched and barren, and danger lurks around every corner. But amidst the chaos and devastation, opportunities for glory and survival await those brave enough to seize them.

Our ash waste terrain mat provides the perfect backdrop for your favorite wargames, whether you're battling against the forces of chaos, struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, or fighting for supremacy in a dystopian future. With its gritty and atmospheric design, this terrain mat immerses you in a world of ruin and despair, setting the stage for epic battles and desperate struggles.

Deploy your warband, rally your forces, and prepare for war as you navigate the treacherous terrain of the ash wastes. From crumbling ruins and twisted wreckage to toxic swamps and volcanic craters, every inch of the battlefield is fraught with peril and opportunity. Will you scavenge for resources, forge alliances with other survivors, or unleash the full might of your warband in a bid for dominance?

Crafted with high-quality materials and featuring stunning artwork, our ash waste terrain mat brings the bleak and haunting beauty of the apocalypse to life on your tabletop. Its durable construction ensures that it will withstand countless battles and adventures, while its non-slip backing keeps it securely in place during gameplay.

So gather your forces, steel your resolve, and prepare to face the challenges of the ash wastes. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance, and only the strongest and most cunning will survive in this harsh and unforgiving world. Are you ready to deploy your warband and fight for Survival?


  • 4x6' (122x183cm)


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