Ashes and Dust

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In the ever-shifting and tumultuous realm of the Outcasts, where the concept of allegiance is fluid and survival takes precedence, the "Amalgam" keyword signifies a unique assembly of entities that defy categorization and embrace the essence of chaos. These figures embody the convergence of different elements that mirror the unpredictable landscape of the faction.

At the forefront of this amalgamation stands Ashes and Dust, a figure that epitomizes the Amalgam keyword. Its form is a haunting mixture of ash and life, a manifestation of the very forces that shape the Outcasts' existence. Ashes and Dust's presence is a reminder that within this realm, the boundaries between life and death are blurred, and the forces that drive the faction's chaos converge in every step it takes.

Beside Ashes and Dust is Dust Storm, a figure that exists on the cusp of reality and illusion. Its ephemeral presence embodies the very concept of Amalgam, as it weaves between states of being with an uncanny grace. Dust Storm's role in the ensemble is a testament to the transient nature of the Outcasts' world, where identity and form are ever-shifting.

Complementing this gathering is the Ashen Core, a figure that further underlines the Amalgam keyword. It is a creature born of the fusion of different elements, a being that is a living embodiment of chaos and transformation. The Ashen Core's existence speaks to the very heart of the Outcasts' realm, where unpredictability is the only constant.

Together, Ashes and Dust, Dust Storm, and the Ashen Core paint a vivid portrait of the Amalgam keyword within the Outcasts' dominion. In their presence, the very boundaries of life and death, reality and illusion, and the known and the unknown blur into an intricate tapestry of existence. As you navigate the labyrinthine web of the Outcasts, be prepared to encounter figures who embody the very essence of the Amalgam – entities shaped by the convergence of disparate elements that define their unpredictable and ever-changing realm.


  •  Ashes and Dust
  •  Dust Storm
  •  Ashen Core


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