Aronnax Colossus Squadrons

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Beneath the unfathomable depths of the sea, vast mechanical constructions lay silent and still, their colossal forms a stark contrast to the darkness that surrounds them. Occasionally, the gloom is pierced by the faint bioluminescence of strange and alien creatures, unseen by the eyes of man. Unclassified organisms, drawn by the only source of warmth for miles around, begin to converge upon these enigmatic structures.

Crustaceans cautiously traverse the metallic surfaces, as if testing to see if this is some peculiar form of whale fall. Finding no sustenance, their gathering remains small, devoid of any purpose beyond instinctual survival. The metal itself remains inert, indifferent to the lifeforms that crawl upon it—it simply exists.

Deep within the massive carapaces of these steel behemoths, a different kind of survival unfolds. RJ-1027 pulses through intricate tubes, generating steam to power pistons and maintain a semblance of readiness in the darkness. Though not alive in the traditional sense, these machines endure, awaiting the impetus that will set their motion in motion once more.

And then, without warning, the great steel behemoths stir. Initially gentle as they perform self-diagnosis, they soon blaze to life with a brilliant green glow, their bafflingly complex mechanisms responding to the commands of an Enlightened vessel unseen on the surface. To the observer, they might appear alive, designed to mimic organic forms. But they are nothing more than tools—tools of violence wielded by the all-too-human Covenant of the Enlightened.

Within hours, these mechanical monstrosities will be unleashed upon the unsuspecting world, their massive jaws tearing through ships and rending human lives asunder. To those who witness their terror, they will be remembered as sea beasts of nightmare, but to the metal things, it matters not. They are simply instruments of destruction, wielded without remorse or empathy by their human masters.


  • 3x Aronnax Vermiform Colossi

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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