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175 years into the future, humanity has reached the stars. As the hyperpowers struggle for influence in the shadows, the citizens use their permanent connection to Maya, the interplanetary data network, to indulge in a tailored tide of thrills. Of course, no form of entertainment is as coveted as Aristeia!, the most popular extreme blood sport of the human sphere.

Aristeia! is Corvus Belli's MOBA-style board game that allows two players to take on the role of a competitive team manager in the greatest visual show of the human sphere. The game comes in a simple box that contains everything needed to play: 8 character figures with their exclusive cards, 8 initiative cards, 52 tactics cards, 3 booklets (Access Guide to Human Sphere, Game Guide and Reference Guide). a reversible board (the HexaDome), dice, chips and tokens.

Aristeia! allows players to choose their team and jump into action in the HexaDome, the arena where the definitive blood sport of the human sphere takes place. Players will enjoy the dynamic and spectacular nature of Aristeia! thanks to the exclusive character cards and tactics cards that depict incredible combat feats. In just over an hour, players will enjoy a fun game that will immerse them in addictive strategies and tactics. In addition, for the most competitive players, Corvus Belli has AGL, a special organized play program for Aristeia!, with an international leaderboard and tournament kits including promotional material and prizes for the winners.

Aristeia! has regular expansion packs with new characters, each with their own special abilities and new combos that will enhance the gaming experience. These expansion packs are independent and completely optional.


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