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Delve deeper into the ancient and mystical world of the Tomb Kings with the "Arcane Journal: Tomb Kings of Khemri." This paperback journal is an essential expansion for any Warhammer enthusiast looking to enhance their Tomb Kings of Khemri army beyond the basics offered in "Ravening Hordes."

At the heart of this journal are the detailed rules for magic items and three heroes of the undead, including the legendary first Tomb King, Settra the Imperishable. These heroes, each with their unique backstories and abilities, bring an added depth to your army, allowing for a more nuanced and strategic gameplay.

The journal further immerses players in the lore of the Tomb Kings by featuring two distinct Armies of Infamy – the Nehekharan Royal Hosts and the Mortuary Cult. Each of these armies comes with its unique units, complete with full profiles within the book. This allows for a diverse range of army building and thematic play, giving players the opportunity to tailor their forces to specific narratives or strategies.

Beyond the rules and unit profiles, "Arcane Journal: Tomb Kings of Khemri" offers a rich exploration into the history and culture of the Tomb Kings. Players will learn more about these ancient rulers, their storied past, and the eerie Land of the Dead from which they hail. This background information not only enhances the gaming experience but also deepens the player's connection to their army.

The "Arcane Journal: Tomb Kings of Khemri" is more than a rulebook; it's a gateway into a world of ancient curses, undying rulers, and mystical warfare. It's an indispensable resource for players seeking to command the awe-inspiring armies of the Tomb Kings and a fascinating read for anyone intrigued by the lore of Warhammer's Land of the Dead.


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