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For the ardent followers of the Lady of the Lake and enthusiasts of Bretonnian lore, the "Arcane Journal: Kingdom of Bretonnia" is a treasure trove of knowledge and gameplay expansion. This paperback volume is an essential addition for anyone looking to deepen their engagement with the Grand Army list in "Forces of Fantasy," offering a rich exploration into the background of the land known for its chivalry and valor.

Delving into the heart of Bretonnia, this journal illuminates the intricate tapestry of its history, culture, and people. The narrative weaves through the noble deeds and legendary exploits that define this land, bringing to life the ethos that guides its knights and citizens. This deeper understanding of Bretonnia’s background adds layers of depth and context to your gameplay and collection.

The book is also a boon for gameplay, introducing a plethora of new rules content. It features three heroes of legend, each with their own unique abilities and lore, adding new dimensions to your strategic options. These legendary figures are not just powerful units on the battlefield; they also carry the stories and traditions of Bretonnia, making your games more immersive and narrative-driven.

Additionally, the journal presents two Armies of Infamy. These are based around the concepts of Errantry Crusades and exiled knights, offering fresh and thematic ways to assemble your forces. Whether you’re staging a noble Errantry Crusade or leading a band of exiled knights seeking redemption or glory, these new army options provide diverse and exciting scenarios for your Bretonnian collection.

"Arcane Journal: Kingdom of Bretonnia" is more than just a supplement; it's a gateway to exploring the noble realm of Bretonnia in greater depth. It's perfect for players who want to expand their gameplay experience and delve deeper into the rich lore that makes Bretonnia a beloved part of the Warhammer universe. With this journal, your Bretonnian army will not only be a force on the battlefield but also a vibrant part of the living history of Warhammer.


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