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In the intricate tapestry of the Arcanists' realm, where the threads of fate are woven through the draw and shuffle of cards, the "Versatile" keyword resonates as a symphony of adaptability and innovation. Within this dynamic narrative, a cast of characters emerges—Mecharachnids, Steam Arachnids, and Steam Arachnid Swarms.

Masters of mechanized ingenuity, the Mecharachnids stand at the intersection of magic and technology, embodying the very essence of versatility. With each metallic step, they echo the Arcanists' capacity to meld the mundane and the extraordinary, crafting a narrative where the mechanical and the arcane entwine.

Amidst the Arcanists' arsenal, the Steam Arachnids weave a tale of adaptability and cooperation. With each hiss of steam and each intricate movement, they navigate the enigmatic currents of Malifaux's landscape. Their presence embodies the "Versatile" keyword, reminding all that the Arcanists' power lies in their ability to harmonize disparate elements into a cohesive whole.

Within the dynamic tapestry of the Arcanists' narrative, the Steam Arachnid Swarms evoke a sense of unity and cooperation. As they move in concert, they mirror the Arcanists' capacity to adapt and overcome. Their collective actions reflect the essence of the "Versatile" theme—a fusion of strength and strategy that transcends the sum of its parts.

In the symphony of magic and mechanics, the "Versatile" keyword becomes a banner for the Arcanists' ever-changing narrative. The Mecharachnids, Steam Arachnids, and Steam Arachnid Swarms embody the ethos of adaptability—a power that navigates the enigmatic currents of Malifaux with a fusion of technology and the arcane.

As the cards are drawn from the Fate Deck, they mirror the Arcanists' story of innovation and flexibility, a reminder that the narrative they weave is one of continuous evolution amidst a shifting world. With each movement, each strategy, they shape the tapestry of their existence, painting a portrait of power that spans the spectrum from the mechanical to the mystical.


  • Mecharachnid x2
  • Steam Arachnids x6
  • Steam Arachnid Swarms x2


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