Ankh Gods of Egypt: Pharaoh Expansion engl.

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In ancient times, a single individual was chosen as intermediary between the gods and mortal man. This king was anointed as prophet, priest, and ruler by the gods themselves, and charged with maintaining Ma’at, cosmic balance and order, over the land of Egypt and its people. The right of law, the right of rule, the right of war, and of judgment were granted to the Pharaoh, and in his wisdom and with the gods’ guidance, Egypt prospered.

The Pharaoh expansion introduces a whole new dimension to the divine conflict in Ankh: Gods of Egypt.

The players controlling the gods will need to send their Priests in order to excert influence in the different offices of the Royal Palace. The five historical Pharaohs you can choose from change the game in significant ways, adding new rules and objectives.

Box Contents:

  • 1 Rules Booklet
  • 1 Palace Dashboard
  • 5 Sphinx Tokens
  • 4 Pharaoh Tokens
  • 1  Pharaoh Death Tokens
  • 5 Pharaoh Cards
  • 40 Political Cards
  • 5 Player Aid Cards
  • 31 Figures:
    • 1 Golden Pharaoh figure
    • 3 Ra Priest figures
    • 3 Isis Priest figures
    • 3 Amun Priest figures
    • 3 Osiris Priest figures
    • 3 Anubis Priest figures
    • 3 Horus Priest figures
    • 3 Hathor Priest figures
    • 3 Set Priest figures
    • 3 Thoth Priest figures
    • 3 Bastet Priest figures

An Ankh Gods Of Egypt Core Box is required to play.
This expansion supports the gods contained in the Pantheon Expansion


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