Animated Militia

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As Akuba continues to refine her craft, honing her skills to create more formidable Gasadokuro like Hatchi, she has also delved into crafting simpler skeletal minions. With a deft hand, she summons many of these servants, imbuing each with a singular purpose: to safeguard her coven. Unbeknownst to Akuba, however, the subpar quality of the remains and the stubborn nature of the kami result in a fatal flaw. Any stroke of luck may sever the connection between the animating spirit and the remains, obliterating the physical form and dispersing the dark essence.

This model significantly expands the available Cult range of skeletons. These offer more options to Yuta players for the From Below... Ki Feat and some super low Rice Cost models.  While they are as resilient as most Gashadokuro, beware of the dreaded doubles!  Any double on a damage roll will destroy your model, so you have another factor to consider in a Melee Exchange.

Blister contains:

  • four miniatures supplied with 30mm bases and full colour profile Card.

Supplied unpainted.


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