Ancient Unarmoured Samnites

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Unveil the ferocity and valor of the Samnites, a tribal group of the Oscan peoples who once dominated Central and Southern Italy. These fierce warriors, celebrated for their martial prowess, carved out a legendary reputation in their numerous clashes with the might of Rome.

The Samnites were known for their unique combat style, favoring loose formations armed with javelins and swords. They thrived in the challenging terrain of hills and woods, using their intimate knowledge of the land to gain a tactical advantage. In close combat, they were nothing short of formidable, striking fear into the hearts of their adversaries.

Now, you have the opportunity to recreate the valor of the Samnite warriors with these fantastic and highly detailed miniatures. They are the perfect choice to portray the enemies of Republican Rome, offering a historically accurate representation of these formidable foes.

Moreover, these miniatures can seamlessly integrate into your Carthaginian army as allies and mercenaries, adding depth and diversity to your forces. Their adaptability extends to earlier Italian peoples such as the Lucani, Bruttii, or Campani, allowing you to explore a range of historical scenarios.

Within this set, you'll find 24 figures, complete with arm options to create command figures, enabling you to lead your Samnite forces with distinction. Additionally, the set is supported by LBMS (Little Big Men Studios) for shield and banner transfers, providing further customization Options.


  • 24 x Figures
  • 4 x Body options
  • 6 x Head options
  • 24 x Shields (4 x options)
  • 6 x Unsheathed Swords
  • 36 x Javelins
  • 6 x Totems
  • 6 x Trumpet

Delivered unpainted, requires assembly.


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