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In the shadowed realm of Malifaux, where intrigue and power intertwine like the strands of fate, the Ten Thunders faction emerges as both puppeteer and puppet. The keyword that defines them is "Versatile," a testament to their mastery over the fluidity of roles and the art of subterfuge. Within their enigmatic grasp, two pieces move onto the board: the Obsidian Statue and the Terracotta Warriors.

Carved from the heart of obsidian mines deep beneath the city, the Obsidian Statue stands as a sentinel of secrets. Its cold, polished surface reflects a myriad of truths and deceptions, casting an eerie light that dances with shadows. In the hands of a skilled operator, this statue is a conduit for the arcane, an enigma that weaves spells and twists destinies. Its gaze pierces the veils between worlds, revealing hidden paths and unveiling veiled intentions.

An army of silent guardians, the Terracotta Warriors rise from the earth to fulfill their master's desires. Crafted with an artistry born of both craft and magic, these statuesque sentinels embody the resilience of stone and the mystery of anima. Each one, a vessel of power, exudes auras that shift like tides, reshaping the battlefield as they move. With their vigilant presence, they protect secrets and amplify the Ten Thunders' influence, while their stony forms offer an unyielding defense against the chaos that rages around them.

In this realm of uncertainty, where loyalty is a tenuous thread and allegiances shift like the wind, the Ten Thunders play a dangerous game. They are the hidden hands that manipulate the strings, orchestrating a dance that spans between light and darkness. With their versatile forces, embodied by the enigmatic Obsidian Statue and the steadfast Terracotta Warriors, they stake their claim in Malifaux's enigmatic tapestry, leaving behind footprints that are both fleeting and indelible.


  • ObsidianStatue
  • Teracotta Warriors  x3


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