American Civil War Union Infantry

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The figures in this box represent the look of the typical Union Infantry throughout the Civil War.

They are modelled wearing sack coats and all have the option of either forage caps or slouch hats. There are 40 figures in this set. Up to 30 figures can be build in either charging or 'right shoulder shift' poses.


  • 40 plastic figures, including:
    • 30 Union Infantry (charging pose or "right shoulder shift")
    • 4 man command (there are arms to add to the infantry for NCO's and a bugler)
    • 6 skirmishers
  • many variations in build as there are additional (skirmishing) arms on each frame
  • Unit Bases
  • Flags
  • Painting guide

28mm scale. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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