Allied Cavalry 1812-15

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With this set you can represent not only Prussian and Russian Dragoons, but also Russian Mounted Jäger regiments and detachments of Prussian Mounted Volunteer Jäger. The Prussian regiments can be represented either in the Kollet or in the campaign Litewka. There is a wide variety of options for poses, including assault and charge poses and figures with swords slung over their shoulders.

In the box you will find a total of 14 cavalrymen, a comprehensive painting guide and matching bases. This allows you to recreate historical battles and scenarios from the Napoleonic Wars in great detail and represent a wide variety of cavalry units. This box provides a great basis for historical miniature projects and wargaming in the Napoleonic era.

This box contains frames with which you can create a total of 14 cavalry figures.


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