Alliance Levant Support Squadrons

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As the squadron of Levant skimmers glided gracefully past the port, their repulsor generators sending sprays of seawater into mist, a dazzling display of rainbow light danced in their wake, captivating all who beheld it. The vessels themselves, adorned with intricate gold filigree untouched by the ravages of combat, gleamed brilliantly in the sunlight, a testament to their magnificence.

For those gathered at the dockside—a humble crowd of fishermen, their families, and the everyday folk who kept the small town running—the sight of these support cruisers was a rare and wondrous spectacle. Carpenters, shopkeepers, and technicians, all united in their admiration, waved pennants and bunting as the hovering vessels prepared to depart.

These cruisers, Gascony and Alma class, were not vessels of war but rather the backbone of the Latin Alliance's naval support network, ensuring the smooth operation of outposts scattered across the globe. While their duties may not be as glamorous as those of the warships, they were no less vital.

Indeed, it was no coincidence that these vessels had chosen to resupply in this small town. The publicists serving Napoleon III understood the importance of maintaining the morale of the common man, and the presence of the cruisers served as a reminder of the Alliance's commitment to protecting its people, wherever they may be.

As the skimmers disappeared over the horizon, leaving behind a trail of wonder and awe, the townsfolk returned to their daily lives, buoyed by the knowledge that they were part of something greater—that even in the vast expanse of the sea, they were not alone.


  • 2x Dieppe Levant Cruiser (may also be built as Alma, Lyon, Marseille or Gascony Class)
  • 2x Honneur Levant Destroyer
  • 2x Frelon Tokens

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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