Alarith Spirit of the Mountain

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Spirits of the Mountain are elemental spirits of the Hyshian Mountains who have joined the armies of the rulers of the Lumineth Empire in colossal bodies crafted from the core of the highest peaks.

It is a significant sacrifice for the soul of a mountain to leave its rocky heartland, assuming a form of war, replacing the peace and contemplation of the slowly passing seasons with the tumult of war. The ritual by which a spirit of the mountain is brought forth is a long and arduous process. First the host form must be created, a massive sculpture of rock filled with realmstones sculpted by complex Alarith magic, and upon its broad shoulders is a pinnacle shaped to reflect the mountain, which is a microcosm of the mountain must be made from where it comes from. Tohnasai trees are carefully tended to sprout on the flanks of the mock peak, imitating the ancient cloudbark groves that grow on the slopes of the mountain. A massive, two-handed hammer is then crafted, and great care must be taken not to offend the mountain that will eventually wield it. The mask through which the spirit will perceive the battlefield is sculpted after a sacred Ymetrican Longhorn, a sturdy alpine beast believed to be immortal, making it the creature that most represents the mountain. Long Xintilian-style banners hang from his cloak, each bearing the likeness and runes of the mountain that will inhabit it. It is then clad in enchanted armor of sunmetal quenched in the mountain's lakes and waterfalls. Finally, the mountain must be convinced that the enemy will threaten the fabric of reality, even the eloquent and persuasive Lumineth must spend long weeks pleading their case before the mountain, and the spirit will take time to consider whether the situation is important, but what a mountain thinks is important is inscrutable.

A Spirit of the Mountain is a tremendous destructive force on the battlefield, each strike of its Stoneheart Worldhammer can shatter a Maw-krusha's skull, and the Worldhammer can be hurled into the ground, creating a shockwave that can be directed at a nearby enemy . The War Form is protected by sunmetal armor that can withstand even cannonballs from the Ironweld Arsenal. It can also send blasts of geomantic energy from its crest to annihilate the enemy from afar. Small enemies attempting to attack it are flattened, while more monstrous enemies are hit with a full charge, the spirit's horns slamming into enemy monsters with such force that the enemy is killed with a single devastating impact.


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