Akhelian King

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Whether leading a raid on souls on a shore or leading the defense of an underwater fortress, the Akhelian Kings are the mightiest warriors of the Idoneth. They are the military leaders whose orders and personal exploits decide victory or defeat.


All Akhelians are required to serve in the military of their native enclave, and are trained at the Asydrazor from an early age. Apprentices must complete their Mhair exams before being declared full Akhelians.

These young warriors are then either regrouped with their training squad and made into a new unit, or drafted into existing units to replace those lost in raids. From now on, their destiny is in their own hands, as each rank within the military must be earned with time, skill, and experience. Only through an impressive level of military talent, decades of experience and a sharp tactical mind can a warrior rise through the ranks of the battalions.

Attaining the rank of king or queen and gaining the right to command a phalanx is a long, harrowing journey for Akhelians. After completing their training with the Asydrazor, they must spend decades proving their skills and honing their tactical and logistical thinking in order to rise to each rank within the military hierarchies through their own skill and merit until they may prove worthy of command.


Each phalanx of the Idoneth enclaves is governed by a royal council. These triumvirate consist of an Akhelian King or Queen, an Isharann ??Tidecaster, and an Isharann ??Soulscryer. It is their duty to direct the phalanx they lead to defend their enclaves and scour the surface for souls, careful to ensure that the losses suffered never outweigh the gains.


These leaders are shining examples of their caste, a paragon to be emulated by other Akhelians in battle. More than just an inspiring presence, they are also peerless blademasters, able to one-on-one with their comrades and possessing wits as dexterous as his swordsmanship, knowing exactly when to seize an advantage or when to rally their warriors around it is lost. All of these traits are crucial as they must make decisions without hesitation and be ready to fight on the front lines or lead the Idoneth assault.

When the Ethersea tide is high, they can command their warrior to attack with unrelenting fury.


The most notable part of a king or queen's arsenal is their Deepmare mount, massive, scaly beasts with a sun-piercing horn so rare they are reserved for only the greatest warriors. These vicious sea beasts attack their prey with their spiraling horns, fangs, claws and tails.


The king or queen will wield a wide range of weapons, including bladed staff weapons, also known as rhomphaias, and greatswords, used in conjunction with a king's shield. However, you can shoulder this shield and use a lightweight falchion in its place. The monarchs wear resplendent heavy plate armor with leg and shoulder pads, their shoulders longer than their shoulders, supporting the enormous and voluminous cloak with Idoneth symbols around the edges. Their close face helms can have different crests like a cross sail and a parallel sail and a fishnet.


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