Ak Learning 1: Starship Techniques – Beginner - engl.

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The world of wargame painting is a unique and captivating realm, distinct from other creative fields like model making. What sets it apart is the delicate balance it demands between time and quality, especially when facing the task of painting a substantial number of miniatures.

In the wargaming community, certain figures, such as characters or vehicles, hold a special place of honor within armies. Many painters invest exceptional care and effort in these pieces to ensure they stand out prominently amidst the ranks of their miniature armies.

However, the journey of a traditional wargame painter striving to reach the tabletop standard presents a set of recurring challenges. This path involves absorbing a multitude of painting techniques, mastering the use of new products and tools, and paying meticulous attention to intricate details, among other aspects.

Undoubtedly, the pursuit of tabletop excellence is a rewarding one, yielding miniature armies that are not only visually stunning but also engaging to play with on the gaming table. Yet, it is a path that requires dedication, continuous effort, and sometimes even sacrifice.

For the avid wargaming enthusiast seeking to enhance their painting skills, this collection offers a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. It comprises several volumes designed to cater to both those aspiring to reach the tabletop standard and those striving to refine their painting techniques to create showcase-worthy pieces.

Each book within this collection delves deep into a specific theme, whether it's vehicles, characters, or other elements of the wargaming world. These volumes provide readers with a diverse range of insights, techniques, and expertise to help them hone their craft and elevate their painting prowess.

AK590 English. 96 pages. Soft cover.


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