Ahriman Arch-Sorcerer of Tzeentch

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Ahriman the greatest psyker in the galaxy.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the necessary components to assemble Ahriman, Arch-Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons. Armed with an Inferno Bolt Gun and the Black Staff of Ahriman, he rises to a slice of the Tzeentch. Comes with a Citadel round base (40mm).

"And what are the achievements of your fragile empire? It is a corpse, slowly rotting from the inside out as maggots squirm in its belly. It was built with the toil of heroes and giants, and now it is inhabited by frightened weaklings who deserve the glory these times are half-forgotten legends. I have forgotten nothing, and my wisdom has extended far beyond mere mortal weaknesses."

    - Ahriman of the Thousand Sons

Ahriman, whose full name is Ahzek Ahriman, is a Chaos Space Marine and the most powerful Chaos Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion after their Daemon Primarch Magnus the Red himself. Ahzek Ahriman was once the Chief Librarian and First Captain of the old Thousand Sons Legion.

Ahriman has always sought to better understand the nature of his patron, the Chaos God Tzeentch, and the power of Chaos itself, and to gain the unparalleled power that such knowledge brings.

His activity in creating the rubric of Ahriman, perhaps one of the greatest works of magic in history, would ultimately lead to his banishment from the Legion he had hoped to protect. It was his intense need to find a way to undo the effects of the Rubric on his beloved Thousand Sons that first drove Ahriman on his quest for the deepest knowledge of Chaos. He remains a wanderer through the galaxy, ever in search of knowledge that will enable him to finally grasp the greatest of all mysteries in the universe - the true nature of Tzeentch itself.

Across a thousand worlds, Ahriman has searched for the keys to save what he has already destroyed through his own hubris among the Thousand Sons. The scars of this obsession, found throughout the galaxy, have made his name a curse in the mouths of humans and aliens. Fragments of arcane lore, both obscure and mundane artifacts, and rare but psychically powerful souls draw him to them like a raven to a corpse.

Ahriman is a true master of sorcery and one of the most powerful psionics in the galaxy. His knowledge of the dark arts is matched only by the Great Demons of his patron Chaos God, the terrible Lords of Change.

In addition to the multitude of chaos-driven psychic powers he can call upon, Ahriman is armed with the Black Staff of Ahriman; an elaborate power weapon that provides a potent focus for his psychic energy.

He also carries an enchanted inferno bolt pistol that fires powerful inferno rounds, similar to the weapons used by the Chaos Space Marines of his Thousand Sons warband, the Prodigal Sons.
Black Staff of Ahriman - The Black Staff of Ahriman is a weapon that can rend reality. Each component was created by the Archwizard himself, and is a relic of immense power acquired through terrible wars and quests of plunder. Its blade tip is a remnant of the desecrated Spear of Shadows, taken from the dying hands of the Asuryani emperor Kalrimon. Its hilt is made from the charred fragments of Ahriman's own Hequa Staff, which burned during the Space Wolves ' invasion of Prospero. These and other relics were bound together in a mundane ritual that brought the Black Staff into being and caused pain-filled screams to echo through the Immaterium. Though imperceptible to mortal eyes, the staff appears to those with witch sight as a blazing scar of darkness in the Warp, a black absence to which psychic energy is inextricably drawn before it is destroyed by Ahriman's destructive will.


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