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Prepare to enter the fray with Skaventide, the monumental debut for the latest edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. This colossal launch box is heralded as the greatest release to date, boasting an impressive array of 74 breathtaking miniatures split between two warring factions.

Stormcast Eternals
The stalwart Stormcast Eternals field 24 exceptional miniatures. Commanding the forces are:

  • Lord-Vigilant on Gryph-Staker: A commanding presence atop a fierce beast.
  • Lord-Terminos with Memorian: A solemn figure accompanied by a dedicated aide.
  • Lord-Veritant with Gryph-crow: A vigilant leader with a fierce avian companion.
  • Knight-Questor: A relentless questing knight.

Supporting these leaders are:

  • 10 Indomitable Liberators: The steadfast core of the Stormcast ranks.
  • 3 Battle-Hardened Reclusians with Memorians: Venerable warriors with their aides.
  • 3 Soaring Prosecutors: Agile combatants bringing death from above.

Opposing them are the devious Skaven, with 40 miniatures ready to spread chaos. The leaders include:

  • Claw-lord on Gnaw-Beast: A cunning commander atop a savage beast.
  • Grey Seer from the Masterclan: A master of dark sorceries.
  • Warlock Engineer: Overseer of infernal Skryre weaponry.

The Skaven war machine features:

  • Ratling Warpblaster: A fearsome weapon of destruction.
  • 3 Warplock Jezzails: Sharpshooters of terrifying precision.
  • 40 Clanrats: The backbone of the Skaven horde.
  • 3 Hulking Rat Ogres: Brutal enforcers providing raw strength.

Spearhead Game Mode
Skaventide isn’t just about stunning miniatures. It introduces the new Spearhead game mode, with enough miniatures to assemble Spearhead forces for both Stormcast Eternals and Skaven. The 144-page Spearhead: Fire and Jade book includes comprehensive rules for all available Spearhead boxes.

Additional Components
The set is packed with everything you need for an immersive experience:

  • Double-Sided Game Board: Featuring printed objectives.
  • Four Pieces of Terrain: To build your battlefield.
  • Range Rulers: 3” and 6” rulers that clip together.
  • Decks and Dice: Two Twist Decks, two Battle Tactic Decks, and dice for immediate play.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book
Crowning this immense collection is the 272-page hardback Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book. This tome is a treasure trove of magnificent art, rich lore, and detailed explorations of the eight Mortal Realms. It includes:

  • Core and Advanced Rules: Everything needed for gameplay.
  • First Blood and Path to Glory Battlepacks: For expanded scenarios.
  • 17-Card Deck: Featuring season rules and battle plans for the 2024-25 Matched Play Season General’s Handbook.

With Skaventide, you are fully equipped to dive into the epic battles of Warhammer Age of Sigmar from day one. Unleash the fury of the Stormcast Eternals or the vile cunning of the Skaven and shape the fate of the Mortal Realms!


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